Corridor Platinum Connections
San Marcos, Texas Chapter

About Corridor Platinum Connections - BNI San Marcos, Texas Chapter

Your are visiting an Award Winning BNI Chapter!

The Bronze Pin
chieved in November 2005. For 20 + members for 3 months.

The Silver Pin
chieved January 2007. For over 30 members for 3 consecutive months.

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Our core group started putting together the chapter in late 2003. We had several meeting with just 4-6 dedicated members who really believed in “Givers Gain”. We kicked off on July 28, 2005 with 21 members. The chapter received the Founder’s Award in November 2006, presented by Dr. Misner himself during a visit to the region. Founder's Awards are issued to BNI chapters that represent the top ten percent of the organization in terms of performance. They must have a minimum of twenty members, be nominated by the local BNI Director, and be approved by the Founder. These chapters are specifically recognized for excellent performance relating to referrals, visitors, new members, commitment, enthusiasm, and - most importantly - attitude.

Our chapter stats to date: 7,894 referrals passed to our members and 3,469,074.00 revenue generated!